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How to Submit to the Awards:

Everything YOU need to know when submitting your film for consideration at the Sheridan Screen Arts Awards.

1. The first and most important thing is to keep an eye on your Sheridan email for any important submission deadlines. Make sure you read any emails about the show carefully!

2. Make sure your films clearances are in order. Clearances should be submitted by the Producer and too the the Sheridan BFTV server. The server can be accessed remotely and on campus. Your films clearances should include:

  • Cast contracts - this means media release forms and ACTRA forms (if applicable). Please note that you must submit BOTH a media consent form and ACTRA contract for your union actors. 

    • Please note that this also will include your ACTRA Riders for union actors​

  • Composer contracts or proof of music licensing (if applicable)

  • Location forms (if applicable) 

  • Stock footage releases (if applicable) 

  • Drone permission forms (if applicable) 

3. Fill out the Screen Arts Awards Submission Form - this will come through via your Sheridan email! Read the instructions carefully on that form.

Submitting Clearances

Clearances can be submitted via Media Shuttle. A link will have been provided to your class instructor and posted to your classes SLATE homepage.

Once you have Media Shuttle opened follow these 2 simple steps:

1. Once Media Shuttle is opened you should see a folder titled with your films "short form" name

2. Select your films folder and click the UPLOAD button to upload your clearances and film to the server. Wait for your files to upload and click submit!

If you have further questions or issues you can contact

Where to Watch the Show/Covid-19 Update:

For the health and safety of our staff, members and guests , the Sheridan Screen Arts Awards will be premiering live on YouTube for the 2022 show. The link to the livestream will be displayed on our website, social media pages, and sent via your Sheridan email closer to the premiere date.


We appreciate your understanding, support and cooperation at this time. We look forward to hosting the show in person again when it safe to do so.

- The Sheridan Screen Arts Awards 

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